The most secure and transparent wallet.

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  • WEMIX Wallet is a decentralized wallet based on WEMIX3.0 blockchain.

    WEMIX Wallet is managed safely and transparently by the user as the sole owner of the wallet. Only the user can check and manage their secret phrase and private key.

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  • Easily verify and manage your digital assets.

    Track market trends and prices of all the digital assets at a glance. In addition, exchange your digital assets in the most convinient way, and quickly exchange WEMIX and WEMIX$, the representative coins of the ecosystem.

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  • Enjoy a variety of services within the WEMIX ecosystem with WEMIX Wallet.

    You can connect your WEMIX Wallet with the services of WEMIX ecosystem such as NILE and WEMIX.Fi. Experience the core services that will contribute to the expansion and growth of WEMIX ecosystem.

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