Terms of service

Article 1 Objective and Application Scale

  1. These Terms of Service aim to define the rights and obligations between the user and the member and the service provider, WEMIX PTE. LTD (hereinafter the “Company”), regarding the entire service (see the Definition of Terms in Article 2 Clause 1,hereinafter the “WEMIX Service”) and explain what is applied by using the service of a company provided on a third -party website or the platform. However, in the case of the WEMIX onboarding game, excluding contents related to the WEMIX Service, which is independently serviced by a third party, please note that the terms and conditions of each game are applied first.
  2. Users and members recognize that they are adults with legal ability to use the service by using WEMIX Service, and they are considered to fully understand the terms and conditions of this use and agree to all items in the Terms of Service. If a user or member has no legal ability to use WEMIX Service or does not agree with these terms of use, he or she must stop any actions that access or use WEMIX Service.
  3. The user and the member agree that when using the WEMIX Service, all services may be stopped and changed at any time, depending on the blockchain network, technology, environment, and all matters. When using the WEMIX Service or service directly connected to the WEMIX Service, it is considered to be agreed to the contents specified in this document.

Article 2 Definition of Terms

    1. 1) Providing Digital Asset Information: It is a service providing information about the digital asset such as prices of WEMIX COIN, WEMIX$, WEMIX TOKEN, WEMIX CREDIT and each WEMIX onboarded game tokens etc. Please refer to Article 3 Clause 2 for details.
    2. 2) Providing Game Information: User and member can find information about WEMIX onboarded games through the game information introduction page in WEMIX PLAY(Game introduction, service homepage link etc.). Please refer to Article 3 Clause 2 for details.
    3. 3) Stake 360: It is a staking service provided independently only in the WEMIX PLAY. Please refer to Article 3 Clause 5 for details.
    4. 4) REFLECT: It is a service related to synthetization of digital assets. Please refer to Article 3 Clause 6 for details.
    5. 5) PLAY WALLET refers to the blockchain technology based online electronic wallet provided by the Company. Through PC, mobile application, and website, user stores encrypted private and public key used for managing, trading, and exchanging digital assets, and it is used for using services such as trading, exchanging in WEMIX platform. For details about PLAY WALLET service, please refer to Article 3 Clause 2.
    6. 6) WEMIX WALLET refers to a blockchain technology based online electronic wallet service that the company provides based on the WEMIX3.0 Mainnet. The user manages all authorities necessary for blockchain service such as private key, password etc. with WEMIX WALLET. The service is based on WEMIX3.0 Mainnet and is provided via PC, mobile application, and website and users can use services such as purchase, trade, exchange etc. within the Service. Please refer to Article 3 Clause 3 for details of WEMIX WALLET service.
    7. 7) Providing Whitepaper: Whitepaper is provided to find information regarding digital assets such as WEMIX TOKEN, WEMIX COIN, WEMIX$ etc.
    8. 8) SCOPE, Explorer: It is a blockchain search feature that enables search function for each transaction occurring in mainnet, or private/service chains.
  1. “Member“ refers to a person who linked his/her own PLAY WALLET account with the procedures required by the Company and using WEMIX Service.
  2. “User” refers to a person who is using WEMIX Service without linking a WEMIX WALLET account. (However, users who did not link their PLAY WALLET account can not use the STAKING and REFLECT service.)
  3. “Game” refers to all types of electronic video games.
  4. “Digital Asset” refers not limited to blockchain technology but all blockchain based items or data including cryptocurrency, game token, coin, NFT and other derivative digital assets etc.
  5. “NFT(Non-fungible Token)” refers to any digital asset on blockchain that is not mutually interchangeable with other tokens. Within the Service, certain in-game items are provided as NFT.
  6. “Cryptocurrency” refers to coin (cryptocurrency issued based on independent blockchain network mainnet) and token (cryptocurrency issued on mainnet such as open public chain without independent blockchain network mainnet). On WEMIX Platform, WEMIX Token is used as key currency that can be exchanged with game tokens or used as a means of purchase.
  7. WEMIX TOKEN is a digital asset issued on Klaytn mainnet which can be exchanged to WEMIX CREDIT at 1:1 ratio. It can be exchanged for game tokens within each service or used as a medium of purchase. After the launch of WEMIX3.0 Mainnet, WEMIX TOKEN will be renamed as “WEMIX CLASSIC” and it can’t be used in WEMIX3.0 mainnet-based services. In the future, WEMIX Platform may provide a transition service between WEMIX TOKEN and WEMIX COIN called Bridge service and its detailed policy will be announced by announcement or within the Service when it is provided. Please refer to Article 3 Clause 10 for Bridge service details.
  8. WEMIX COIN is a digital asset issued based on WEMIX3.0 Mainnet and it can be used within WEMIX3.0 Mainnet-based services such as WEMIX WALLET, WEMIX.Fi, NILE, Game services etc.
  9. WEMIX$ is a digital asset pegged with a dollar and use USDC as collateral. WEMIX$ can be used in WEMIX3.0 Mainnet-based services such as WEMIX WALLET, WEMIX.Fi, NILE, and game services etc.
  10. “Game Token” refers to the tokens that can be used for using the contents of game service on WEMIX platform or medium of exchange(token) such as purchasing game items, and more of such.
  11. “Private Key” refers to a code (random combination of number and text) that is 1:1 matched with the PLAY WALLET, WEMIX WALLET’s address and it is an important key to process all signatures of the PLAY WALLET, WEMIX WALLET. Since the private key has a power of signature, it can be used by the third party when exposed externally. Extra care is required for the management.
  12. “WEMIX PLATFORM” refers to the entire blockchain based services the Company provides such as WEMIX WALLET, WEMIX DEX, WEMIX NFT MARKET, WEMIX AUCTION, WEMIX PLAY, WEMIX3.0, NILE, WDS etc. In WEMIX platform, you can use services such as trading, DeFi(decentralized financial services) e.g. WEMIX, various game tokens, and NFT etc.
  13. “Defi(decentralized financial services)” refers to financial services embodied on the blockchain network that do not go through centralized financial institutions. In WEMIX.Fi, WEMIX Platform, you can use services such as REFLECT and Stake360 etc.

Article 3 Service

1. Detailed Guide Terms by Services



4. SCOPE, Explorer

5. Coin and Game Information through WEMIX PLAY

6. Stake 360




8. WEMIX 3.0



10. Bridge Service

11. NILE



Article 4 Use of WEMIX Service

1. Effect and modification of Terms of Service

2. Registration

  • A) PLAY WALLET Registration Procedure
    • Install PLAY WALLET application
    • Login with social media account (Google, Apple, WeChat, or Facebook etc.)
    • Agree to the policy
    • Create ID (lower case letter + number)
    • Create password (Used for all transaction signature such as digital asset transfer, service consent etc.)
    • Wallet created
  • B) WEMIX WALLET Registration Procedure
    • Install WEMIX WALLET application
    • Agree to the policy
    • Create password
    • Register biometric use (Face ID/Touch ID, this may skipped if unavailable or undesirable)
    • Create recovery phrase (combination of 12 words used for restoring private key)
    • Check recovery phrase
    • Wallet created

3. User and Member’s Consent and Negligence

  • User or member has all necessary knowledge to deal with digital items and/or Blockchain-based systems, have a full understanding of their framework, are aware of all the merits, risks and any restrictions associated with digital assets.
  • User or member will neither use the Service for any illegal activity nor shall be engaged in any illegal activity.
  • A user or member solely controls their credentials (email address, password or other information provided for the purpose of the Service use) and does not act on behalf of any third party.
  • To provide better Service, the Company may display in the Service Page or send out via email various information including notices, admin messages and other advertisements regarding use of the Service. If a user or member does not wish to receive such email, please contact our customer service at help@wemixplay.com.

4. Warranty

5. Updates

6. Naming Policy

  • Any form of name that is offensive to others (including, but not limited to, abuse, slander, criticism, violent words)
  • A name that is anti-social and contrary to applicable laws
  • A name related to illegal activities
  • A name that slanders or defames specific group, race or religion
  • A name that may invade the trademark rights of other third parties
  • A similar name that impersonates another user
  • A name deemed to have advertising intent (including the purpose of promotion and profit of a specific organization)
  • A name related to WEMIX Platform, WEMIX3.0, NILE, WDS etc. (A name that may mislead service provision of the Company. Examples include WEMIX Team, WEMIX PLAY Team, Administrator, Operator, assistant and NPC impersonation)
  • A name that slanders or defends a specific politician or political party.
  • Other names that may impede healthy Service operation.

7. Fraud Policy

8. Account Theft Policy

  • Account theft refers to any activity that damages a member's account information (including, but not limited to, PLAY WALLET’s ID, password, email, asset, WEMIX WALLET password, private key, recovery phrase etc.) by extortion of information registered in the account.
  • Account theft is a violation of applicable laws and regulations, and the Company is not responsible for any civil or criminal actions that may occur internally or externally to users in such violation. In addition, if it is confirmed that the personal information of another user has been used illegally without consent of the user, the use of Service of all accounts related to account theft may be restricted.

9. Failure Recovery Policy

10. Protection and Use of Personal Information

Article 5 Obligations of Contracting Parties

1. The following activities are prohibited

  • Inappropriate or unjustifiably use of other user or member’s account and password.
  • Upload lewd materials, disparaging or inappropriate materials, or connect (link) such websites on the bulletin board or any public space or the Service.
  • Violate or infringe other rights of the Company or a third-party including copyright.
  • Cause malfunction of equipment, and/or destroy and disrupt information related to the Service.
  • Collect, store and/or disclose other member's personal information.
  • Circulate false information to provide oneself or others with proprietary benefits, or to damage others.
  • Publish any information (including computer program) prohibited by the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Impersonate any officer or administrator of the Company or Partners, or illegally use another user’s name.
  • Other Illegal acts or any act that impedes operation of the Service.
  • The management and responsibility of protection of the private key, log in account, log in password, private key password, and, recovery phrase (collectively “generated information”) related to the Service of the WEMIX platform, PLAY WALLET, WEMIX WALLET etc. such as digital asset transfer, swap etc. is with the user and the member. It should not be used by a third party.
  • If the user or the member’s generated information has been stolen, exposed, lost, or damaged, the Company can’t provide any help as per characteristics of decentralized service
  • If the user or the member has lost an access to their PLAY WALLET, WEMIX WALLET or generated information and did not separately save it in the backup and lost access to all previously accessed digital asset, the responsibility of such result is solely with the user and the member and acknowledge and agree that the Company is not responsible for it.
  • The lost digital asset can’t be returned.
  • Unless a user or member abides by the relevant laws and regulations, these Terms of Service and all policies of the Company, his/her use of the Service and online activities may be investigated; his/her use of the Service may be temporarily or continuously suspended.

2. Suspension on Use of Service

ActivityDescriptionLevel of Penalty
Contents Abuse / Use of BugThe act of seriously impacting the system and WEMIX Service operation through abusing abnormal contents and bugs in WEMIX ServicePermanent Account Suspension
Inappropriate ChatAbusive language / Spamming in chatWarning3 days Account Suspension10 days Account Suspension30 days Account Suspension
Commercial advertising, dissemination of false information, leakage of personal information, antisocial or unethical contents in chatWarning3 days Account Suspension10 days Account Suspension30 days Account Suspension
Impersonating WEMIX Team and member of the CompanyThe act of confusing other users or any such attempt through impersonationPermanent Account Suspension
Fraudulent ActivityThe act of deceiving other users to gain improper advantage. Any clearly identified attempt for such purposesPermanent Account Suspension
Account TheftAccounts that have traded or hold assets reported for account theftPermanent Account Suspension
False ReportThe act of falsely reporting account theft and fraudulent activity/defective users with false information10 days Account Suspension30 days Account SuspensionPermanent Account Suspension
NamingThe act of creating name/ID in WEMIX Service that includes : content that is contrary to the applicable laws and social order, abusive language and obscenityPermanent Account Suspension
Use and Dissemination of Illegal ProgramsThe act of impacting WEMIX through use of illegal programs and software/hardware not provided by WEMIX Service. Any clearly identified dissemination of method for such actPermanent Account Suspension
Abnormal Service AccessAbnormal access confirmed by monitoring and systemPermanent Account Suspension
Interfering with Operation and Use of ServiceAny act of disregarding warnings of the Company or interfering with WEMIX Operation3 days Account Suspension10 days Account Suspension30 days Account SuspensionPermanent Account Suspension
Any act not listed above, that deliberately/repetitively interferes with Service Use of other users by abusing WEMIX PLAY contents
  • The application of the above suspension may be adjusted at the discretion of the Company depending on the nature of each case.
  • In the case of violations of multiple policies, the highest penalty of the violations, or the aggravation of penalties can be applied.
  • Second or higher levels of penalty may be applied to users who are conducting uncivil behaviors in WEMIX Service or interfering with the order of the Service.

3. User Responsibility

  • The Service provided by the Company refers to the inclusive entirety of the Company provided website, wallet and such, which is accessible through PC, tablet, mobile or any electronic device. The Company is not responsible for any in-game and/or digital assets related.
  • The responsibility of the Company is only with the service operation and management and it does not act as an intermediary of seller or buyer of in-game item and/or digital asset. The user and the member are fully and directly responsible for trade between parties and shared information.
  • The PLAY WALLET password, WEMIX WALLET password, recovery phrase, and private key are not saved anywhere and those are information that Member must manage. All transactions are processed by signature by the Member. Thus, the password, recovery phase, and private key required for transaction signature must be managed by the Member and strengthen its security. Member is responsible for the entire management.

Article 6 Service Termination

  1. 1) Upon withdrawal, a member cannot log into WEMIX Service and use of the Service is restricted.
  2. 2) Upon withdrawal, all information related to WEMIX Service is deleted and cannot be recovered.
  3. 3) WEMIX Token balance on your PLAY WALLET must be empty. If you possess WEMIX TOKEN, KLAY in your WEMIX Wallet, withdrawal cannot be proceeded. Please transfer WEMIX TOKEN, KLAY to another wallet address.
  4. 4) Upon withdrawal, REFLECT, game token, and NFT in possession are burned and deleted on the blockchain.
  5. 5) Withdrawal cannot be proceeded if you have any open orders, including, but not limited to buy, sell and liquidation, on the exchange within PLAY WALLET. Please organize your open orders before proceeding withdrawal
  6. 6) Upon withdrawal, you cannot re-register with the same email address.
  7. 7) Upon completion of termination, a member’s information will be removed from the Service. However, due to technological characteristics of Blockchain, data related to Blockchain cannot be deleted.
  8. 8) For WEMIX Wallet that directly manages the private key, all authorities such as member registration, termination, signature are with the member and a member can terminate the Service by deleting WEMIX WALLET and private key without separate termination process.

Article 7 Copyright

1. Property of Copyright

  • Using, changing in form of editing and modifying such User Contents (can be used in any kind of form such as publicating, replicating, performing, transmitting, distributing, broadcasting, writing derivative content etc. and has no restriction of use period or location)
  • Shall not do acts such as selling, renting, and transfering User Contents for the purpose of trading without prior consent of the user who created the User Content.
  • The Company does not use member’s User Contents which are not displayed within the Service or integrated with the Service (e.g. posts uploaded in users’ bulletin) and the User or the member can delete such User Contents anytime.
  • The Company, with its discretion, can delete or transfer posts uploaded or submitted in the Service by the user or the member without prior notice if it is confirmed as a violation of Article 5 Obligations of Contracting Parties and may reject its application.
  • The user or the member who’s profit has been invaded legally due to posted information in community, bulletin operated by the Company can submit a deletion of such information or refutation to the Company. The Company shall promptly act with necessary action and notify the applicant.

2. Obligation of the User and the Member

Article 8 Indemnification and Immunity

1. Indemnification for Damage

2. Company’s Immunity

Article 9 Others

1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

2. Language

  • User and member agree that even in the event that the translated version of the English Terms of Service is provided, the translated version is provided only for convenience of the user and member, and solely the English Terms of Service shall apply to the relation between the user and the Company.
  • In the event of discrepancies between the English Terms of Service and any translated version of the Terms of Service, the English Terms of Service shall be prioritized.

3. Possibility of Separation

Notification Date : November 4th, 2022Execution Date : November 11th, 2022