WEMIX Ecosystem

WEMIX PLAY is a mega blockchain gaming platform that supports the Web3 transformation of games. Games with Tokenomics, GameFi, Marketplace, and Community cultivate new economic activities that break through the borders between games and reality; and WEMIX PLAY is the only platform in the world that makes these new experiences possible.

  • Game
  • Tokenomics
  • GameFi
  • Marketplace
  • Community

NILE (NFT Is Life Evolution) is a DAO, NFT, and Life dApp platform that creates a new civilization based on blockchain. Based on the Neith Protocol, the DAOs operate transparently and democratically, and provide an organized system through which users can participate in activities on the platform. Through the implementation of blockchain and Tokenomics, the Life dApps, NFT Marketplace, and DAOs on the platform will add that extra sprinkle of fun and deeper meaning to those worthwhile activities of all themes and types in our lives.

  • DAO
  • Neith Protocol
  • LIFE
  • NFT Marketplace

WEMIX.Fi is the official Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform of the WEMIX3.0 ecosystem providing exchange, deposit, asset management, and investment services. Each service is closely connected to the stablecoin WEMIX$, which makes it possible for Community members to use the DeFi service through various dApps in many easy ways to manage their crypto-assets.

  • Swap
  • Stake
  • Pool
  • Borrow
  • Bridge

WEMIX$, the most secure stablecoin issued on WEMIX3.0 mainnet with fully backed reserve, stimulates the transition of value within the platform-driven and service-oriented mega-ecosystem. In order to complement relatively volatile WEMIX, WEMIX$ can be utilized as a store of value, unit of account, and medium of exchange. Ultimately WEMIX$ contributes to the growth of community and the value of WEMIX.

WEMIX Wallet is the official decentralized Wallet service of the WEMIX3.0 blockchain, which makes it possible for you to view and manage the digital assets in your balance easily. This is the starting point of your experience on the WEMIX platform, and is used for approvals and signatures for transactions that occur on the platform.

40 WONDERS is the Governance platform in charge of the operations and development of the WEMIX3.0 blockchain network. 40 Node Partners that represent the Community provide the highest levels of security while also contributing to the development and growth of the WEMIX mega-ecosystem.

A burning protocol for the WEMIX contraction policy. By utilizing Mass Burn, Batch Burn, and Auto Burn, the growth of the WEMIX3.0 ecosystem can turn real profits for the community and investors. It also guarantees predictable futures that are part of WEMIX’s contraction policy which ensures value appreciation of WEMIX.

Wepublic is a transparent social platform that supports the creation and operation of blockchain-based DAOs (decentralized autonomous organization). Wepublic was designed to allow users to easily create and transparently operate DAOs by using four decentralized protocols: proof of ID, qualifications, results, and balance.


WEMIX Explorer is an information platform on which you can view the various activities on the WEMIX3.0 blockchain and their history. It consists of Macroscope, which provides information about the overall ecosystem, and Microscope, which provides detailed information on activities such as block validations and transactions.

WEMIX Scan is a block explorer and analytics platform built by the team behind Etherscan that allows you to access detailed information of block data on the WEMIX3.0 blockchain. Specifically, user can search and explore for transactions, tokens, addresses, tracking gas fees, validators and many more options.

unagi pioneers the mass adoption of blockchain by seamlessly integrating diverse blockchains and services. unagi is an omni chain protocol that transcends the boundaries between chains and enables unrestricted Web3 activities. It puts user experience at the forefront and connects diverse blockchains to facilitate seamless transactions and comprehensive asset management.

una Wallet is the official wallet of unagi that supports various digital asset management and trading across different networks without barriers. It supports networks like WEMIX3.0, Ethereum, and Polygon, incorporating the convenience of social login and MPC technology for easy and secure management while empowering users with unrestricted transfers of held tokens between chains.

una Messenger is a token-gated omnichain messenger that forms vast communities by integrating all chains supported by unagi. People are able to connect with holders having mutual interests in channels of various topics such as DAOs, games, NFTs, and Fan Tokens while exchanging conversations and easily transferring tokens between chains.